In Media

July 2018, Science Trends
"Slow-Release Of Two Classical Antibiotics: Finding The Matrix Right Under Your Feet"

July 2017, Nauka w Polsce
"Polplynne lancuchy wyciagane z morza mikroczastek"

July 2017, Nanotechnology Now
"Semiliquid chains pulled out of a sea of microparticles"

May 2017, EurekAlert
"International Team Solves Mystery of Colloidal Chains"

May 2017, ChemEurope
"Mystery of colloidal chains solved"

May 2017, Science Daily
"Fast, Simple Way To Create Two-Dimensional Electronic Circuits"

Jan 2017, FNP
"Rozmowy na 25-lecie Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej"

June 2014, ScienceDaily
"Janus capsules, miniature hollow structures, produced easily at low cost"

June 2014, Phys.Org
"Shaken, not stirred mythical god's capsules please"

June 2014, RMF24
"Nie slyszales o kapsulach Janusa? Polski fizyk odkryl, jak je tworzyc"

June 2014, Nauka w Polsce
"Polscy naukowcy znalezli sposob na kapsuly Janusa"

August 2013, FNP news
"4.1 mln for researchers via the Foundation for Polish Science"

July 2013, Spacemart news
"Designer droplets open new possibilities"

July 2013, Gemini news
"Designer draper med pupiller"

June 2013, NTNU front page news
"Designer droplets open new possibilities"